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A look inside Front Office Sports Learning

By Zack Stoloff

March 29, 2022

Photo Credit: Front Office Sports

Just over a year since publishing its first online learning course, “Sports Marketing Essentials”, Front Office Sports released “Modern Ticketing Essentials: Beyond the Ticket” last week, coinciding with its official launch of Front Office Sports Learning.

Inside this new homepage on FOS’s website, readers can find all three courses the company has published to date, aimed at helping up-and-coming sports marketers and enthusiasts better their sports business acumen and supplement their education in the classroom and/or experience working in the field.

The first two courses that debuted in 2021 revolved around sports marketing at the Super Bowl and NBA All-Star Game as well as athlete marketing in the age of NIL. The most recent course, “Modern Ticketing Essentials: Beyond the Ticket” gives students a glimpse of how ticket companies, particularly Ticketmaster and their partners, are adapting to the modern ticketing landscape by personalizing the fan journey, utilizing new data strategies, and even entering into the world of NFTs to better user experience.

As of last week, FOS had enrolled over fifteen thousand people in its courses with each person spending an average of over two hours per session. Because of this success, the company is eager to launch additional courses in the future. And the best part? It’s all free!

To learn more about these courses and to sign up and take them, visit

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