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Amir Zonozi

By: Taylor Seid

Sep. 23, 2022

On Sep. 20, SBA brought in Amir Zonozi. The theme of the event was “Partnership Intelligence & Women in Sports Tech,” which goes along with SBA’s expansion of speaker events to new aspects of the sport industry, such as technology.

Amir Zonozi is the Co-Founder and President of Zoomph, a partnership intelligence company that helps a variety of teams and companies in the sport industry to evaluate the value of their partnerships and social media revenue, such as the NFL, MSG Entertainment, and the WNBA. He is also on the board of Women in Sports Tech (WiST), which strives to create growth opportunities for women at the intersection of sports and technology.

The work that Zoomph does to place a value on partnerships, including their impressions and engagement on social media platforms, is becoming increasingly essential for sport companies to utilize as media presence continues to grow in importance in all industries, especially in sport. Zonozi and his team run AI across all media platforms to see what partnerships and advertisements get the most exposure, looking at aspects like brand detection, object detection, and optical character recognition, which identifies text and phrases across media content.

Zonozi discussed the importance of elevating women’s voices in sports, the future of the intersection of sports and technology, and advice for SBA members on how to get involved in the industry. His main tips for students were to join the conversation about sports and sport business and create a brand for yourself on social media platforms.

Zonozi’s speaker event was informative, relevant, engaging, and personable as he used business and personal examples from his life and experiences with Zoomph. Overall, Amir Zonozi provided SBA with an amazing event where members were able to learn a great deal about partnership intelligence in the sport industry!


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