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  • Schedule speaking events on campus with guests from diverse backgrounds within the sport industry

  • Act as day-to-day contact for SBA guests before and after events

  • Moderate SBA speaking events

  • Coordinate SBA off-campus trips

  • Manage Event Planning Committee


  • Strong written and verbal communication especially when communicating with industry professionals

  • Proficient planning and time management skills

  • Consistently and diligently organized

  • Advanced knowledge of LinkedIn and Gmail


  • Oversee recruitment and new member onboarding (Fall and Winter)

  • Facilitate professional development sessions (Pro Days)

  • Monitor attendance and excuse forms

  • Organize Internal Mentorship Programs, Social Events, & Philanthropy efforts

  • Manage Member Relations committee


  • Professional communication skills

  • Advanced organization skills when planning events and communicating with members

  • Strong leadership and interpersonal communication (especially when facilitating Pro Days)

  • Experience coordinating and executing social events (virtually and in-person)



  • Maintain and update SBA Alumni Database (500+ alumni)

  • Facilitate and manage the SBA Alumni Mentorship Program

  • Generate the SBA Summer Networking Map

  • Manage Alumni Relations committee


  • Outgoing and willing to connect with Alumni

  • Resourceful and strategic when connecting with Alumni

  • Diligent and committed to updating Alumni Database

  • Advanced knowledge of Google Sheets/Excel


  • Produce and develop brand content amongst various SBA social platforms, including Instagram and LinkedIn

  • Work with the Member Relations team to recruit new SBA members each semester

  • Generate and distribute SBA Newsletter to inform external stakeholders about SBA updates

  • Create and facilitate the SBA apparel order each year

  • Manage Marketing committee


  • Proficient in graphic design (Adobe Illustrator & Photoshop)

  • Advanced professional communication skills (written and verbal)

  • Innovative and creative thinking

  • Passion for and thorough understanding of SBA’s brand and mission



  • Work closely with each department to gather data throughout the year to help improve SBA’s internal operations

  • Provide feedback for Marketing team to improve social presence and reach

  • Develop new layout and functions for the upcoming SBA application

  • Manage Research & Insights committee


  • Thorough knowledge of R/Python

  • Strong verbal communication skills

  • Proficient organizational skills

  • Analytical understanding of data

Co - Directors


  • Will attend executive board meetings every other week

  • Oversees the operations of SBAJ and is responsible for the final product produced for members - will conduct the final review on the publication

  • Stay in constant communication with Admin 

  • Assembles the internship/work opportunities page

  • Stay up-to-date with the sport industry to inform the committee on any potential topic ideas

  • Organizes and facilitates bi-weekly meetings with the entire SBAJ team


  • Journalism background preferred 

  • Understanding of SBA’s brand

  • Writing experience necessary

  • Leadership skills

  • Communication and organizational skills are necessary

  • Detail-oriented


Co - Chief Editors


  • Approve topics for Committee writers

  • Write stories as needed

  • Read all written stories and make final edits before passing to the Chief of Design to include in the publication.

  • Ensures all other stories written by committee members are edited by themselves before a final check.

  • Finalize and send all stories to the Chief of Design


  • Grammar oriented - need to be highly attuned towards grammatical errors and fixing any wording problems

  • Communication skills

  • Journalism background preferred but not required

  • Understanding of leveraging language and voice in writing

Chief of Design


  • Create and enforce a style guide for SBAJ

  • Organize each publication ensuring uniformity, consistency, and a diverse reading experience.

  • Work with Research & Insights to collect feedback from members on the reading experience and the look of SBAJ; activate these changes


  • Adobe InDesign

  • Adobe editing programs

  • Organizational and time management skills

  • Must be able to give and receive constructive feedback


Alumni Relations.png


  • Works directly with the Co-Vice Presidents to initiate DEI efforts across SBA

  • Touches all departments of the Executive Board and assists in increasing diversity across each respective department area

  • Focuses on diversity of thought, diversity of people, and diversity of disciplines

  • Understands the current landscape of diversity, equity, and inclusion in sport and how it shapes the industry

  • Knows what diversity, equity, and inclusion mean and how they can be applied to SBA

  • Able to be creative and brainstorm ways to initiate greater diversity across the organization and its Executive Board; have a passion for SBA and its constant growth and evolution


  • Empathy

  • Creativity

  • Organization

  • Leadership, especially in topics of social change

  • Passion for diversity, equity, and inclusion - training will be provided 

  • General communication skills

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