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Las Vegas Cashes In with Record Wagers and Viewership: A Rundown on Super Bowl LVIII

By: Dillon George

Feb 20, 2024

Photo Credit: Allegiant Stadium

It’s impossible to talk about a Super Bowl in Vegas without touching on the gambling numbers, which certainly didn’t disappoint. Nevada sportsbooks alone said they received around $185.6 million, setting an unofficial record by an impressive margin. FanDuel released their numbers as well, tallying over $300 million wagered on their books for a 40% increase from last year’s game. These numbers hardly come as a surprise due to the increased fusion of gambling and sports entertainment as well as the location of Las Vegas to begin with. 

As far as advertising goes, the prestige of a Super Bowl commercial still hasn’t gone down. This year's entertainment slots went for up to 7 million for a 30 second piece, and sold out before Thanksgiving of 2023. They did, however, take a step towards a minimalist approach that has been years in the making. As exemplified by Coinbase’s ad last year, which included a full minute of a QR code flickering on an otherwise black screen, less is becoming more. Companies are looking toward simple, effective marketing without the use of expensive celebrities. Additionally, they are extra-cautious of avoiding potentially controversial topics. 

Marketing wasn’t just limited to the TV screen as brands had to work particularly hard to cut through the clutter of entertainment that is Las Vegas. In a city built for overstimulation, brands are “competing with the beast that is Las Vegas” (Verizon sponsorship chief Nick Kelly), and focusing most of their efforts on a single location. On a more positive note, no city is better suited to host events at this capacity than Vegas. Hotel rooms were easy to come by, which in turn allowed for more affordable events. Multiple entertainers cited the F1 event last year as a learning point for entertainment pricing this time around. 

Lastly, broadcasting. Did you know there was a Nickelodeon stream? Only 1.2 million Americans did, compared to the 120.3 million viewer average that CBS brought in - the largest audience for a single-network telecast ever. While their rating may pale in comparison to CBS’s, their engaging, kid-friendly stream served its exact purpose: a continued effort to engage young audiences in the sport. 

For nearly all involved, Super Bowl LVIII was a resounding success. High viewership, affordable activations throughout the week (not necessarily the game itself), and exciting gameplay gives way to a continuously growing and expanding space for both the NFL and brands that interact with the league.


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