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NFL Making International Waves: Philadelphia Eagles to Kick Off the 2024 Season in Brazil

By: Sarah Kichula

February 20, 2024

Photo Credit: Philadelphia Eagles

As the current NFL season comes to a close, the league is already making big plans for next year, starting on the international stage. The Philadelphia Eagles will be traveling to São Paulo, Brazil on September 6, 2024, serving as the first game ever held in South America.

Impact on the Country

Ricardo Nunes, Mayor of São Paulo, is honored to have his home country host such a historic game. Falling on the eve of Brazil’s Independence Day, the game will have a great cultural and economic impact on the city, attracting football fans from all over Brazil and the entire world. Additionally, the game, which is to be held in Corinthians Arena, seats about 48,000 fans. This will add another hosting experience under the stadium’s belt after serving as the official venue for both the 2014 FIFA World Cup and 2016 Olympic Games.

Impact on the League

The NFL has made many moves to increase its global impact, hosting games in several countries since the establishment of its International Series in 2007. Schedule makers work within a three week window in the beginning of each season, trying to make long travel less of a burden on the teams. In this upcoming season, the Chicago Bears, Minnesota Vikings and Jacksonville Jaguars will all play games in London, while the Carolina Panthers will play a game in Munich. This game in Brazil, however, will be the first in South America as well as the first season-opening game on a Friday in the NFL since 1970.

NFL commissioner Roger Goodell is enthusiastic about the league’s global growth stating: 

"We are convinced we can be a global sport in the near future. Our ownership has committed to allow more games to be played on an annual basis, on a global basis. We are excited about the fans' reaction and our media partners. I think this is a great opportunity for the league and we are committed to making it a global sport."

The league sees a great future in its International Series, already lining up its 2025 season opener to take place in Spain at Real Madrid's Santiago Bernabéu Stadium.

Impact on the Team

With Brazil’s 38 million sport fans and its vibrant and diverse culture, Jeffrey Lurie, the Philadelphia Eagles chairman, also states his excitement for the team. Fans, on the other hand, are not as pleased with the international appearance acting as a home game. Being labeled the home team when far from home is never easy; some speculate it will be even more difficult coming off of this past NFL season, where the team went from a promising record to losing six of its last seven games. Still, this game will serve as an incredible expansion opportunity for all parties involved. The opponent is still yet to be named, but this will be an exciting game to see play out. Voe, Águias, voe! (Fly, Eagles, fly in Portuguese)


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