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MSBC 12 Wrapped

By: Eliana DeTata, Dillon George, Nolan Hafer, and Sara Short

November 27, 2023

Photo Credit: Anna Fuder

The 12th annual Michigan Sport Business Conference took place on November 3rd, 2023 and featured panels, speakers, and various networking opportunities for both student attendees and industry professionals. Below is a quick recap of some speaker events featured at MSBC 12, as well as a few feature interviews with the MSBC planning team.

Breakfast with the Bosses

The first event of the MSBC day was an invite only breakfast event with employees of William Morris Endeavor. This panel included two alumni further in their career, Dustin Cairo and Ira Stahlberger and a recent alumni. Ian Sheets graduated from the Sport Management in May of this year and was heavily involved in the Michigan Sport Consulting Group (MSCG) during his time at Michigan. He is currently an assistant in golf while Stahlberger and Cairo work in their main office in LA. Because of the wide array of experiences on the panel, importance of specialization and humility when entering the workforce were emphasized. Overall, the message of the panel was an emphasis on how individuals beginning their careers should approach the job market and importance of a collaborative mindset, which the panelists believe that Michigan facilitates.

Keynote: Jessica Berman

We Got Next: A Fireside Chat with 2K Sports

NFL Lunch & Learn

What's Next: A Keynote Conversation on the Sport Media Landscape

From Courtroom to Courtside: Careers in Sport Law

All In: Vegas' Big Bet On Sports

Keynote: Stephen A. Smith

Interviews with MSBC Planning Team


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